You Win Or You Die: The gore is back, baby: Here are this week’s Game Of Thrones deadpool odds

With Game Of Thrones‘ return comes the return of our horribly morbid dead pool, You Win Or You Die. Each week, with the help of the talented and genial Benjamin Eckstein, oddsmaker and owner of America’s Line, we’ll be placing bets on who we think will make it through the coming weekend’s episode of Thrones. We’ll also bet on other plot points and aspects of the show, just because we like gambling with completely fictional money. At the end of the season, just one A.V. Clubber will sit on our own completely non-existent throne. If you’re so inclined, you can play along at home via reader Craig R. Wright’s TV Deadpool site. May the odds be ever in your favor.

2-1 Anybody with the last name Sand

Photo: HBO

Eckstein the oddsmaker says: The daughters are bad girls, and that’s why. I …

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