You Win Or You Die: Like Sands through the hourglass, here are this week’s Game Of Thrones deadpool odds

Welcome back to You Win Or You Die, The A.V. Club‘s weekly Game Of Thrones dead pool. Each week, with the help of the talented and genial Benjamin Eckstein—oddsmaker, owner of America’s Line, and keeper of a new Instagram page—we’ll be placing bets on who we think will make it through the coming weekend’s episode of Thrones. We can also place “prophecies for profit” bets, which carry throughout the season. At the end of the season, one A.V. Club staffer will reign supreme, sitting atop our nonexistent Iron Throne. As always, you can play along at home via the TV Deadpool site.

As viewers know, last week’s Thrones left three main characters in mortal limbo, while summarily offing a couple others. This week, Leo Garcia sits atop our temporary Iron Throne, with $160—though others are close behind. It’s just …

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