Will You Accept This Bet?: Blimps! Here’s this week’s Bachelorette odds

The more Rachel wants to avoid the drama, the higher the tensions ratchet on this season of The Bachelorette. Keeping Lee around was a surprising move that all but guaranteed more fighting among the men, and more to discuss around The A.V. Club‘s water cooler (again, the La Croix fridge) this week. Dean got the one-on-one, securing some cash for those who bet on him, but none of the obvious contenders were eliminated: Besides Lee, Iggy, Jonathan, and Eric live to see another rose ceremony.

Lee didn’t wear a Confederate flag tie, but there’s still plenty of time. From the preview for next week’s “UNBELIEVABLE two-night event” (sigh), it looks like Lee and Kenny will be duking it out on a two-on-one “date” with Rachel. But we just want to see Will and Josiah cosplay Game Of Thrones while they pass time in the mansion …

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