Wiki Wormhole: Wikipedia devours itself with a list of lists of lists

With more than 4.9 million articles, Wikipedia is an invaluable resource, whether you’re throwing a term paper together at the last minute, or you’re so meta even this acronym. We explore some of Wikipedia’s oddities in our 4,936,523-week series, Wiki Wormhole.

This week’s entry: List of lists of lists

What it’s about: This week marks the 100th entry in our 4,936,523-week series, so before we start, a minute to thank all of you readers for bringing Wiki Wormhole from a little-read offshoot of “Great Job, Internet!” to The A.V. Club‘s most popular and beloved feature (I haven’t fact-checked that), and to thank the site’s editors for making space for a not-terribly-pop-culture-related feature on a pop culture website, and for bringing the feature back from cancellation early in its run.

Over the course of researching and writing …

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