Wiki Wormhole: Let your hair down with Wikipedia’s list of hairstyles

With more than 4.9 million articles, Wikipedia is an invaluable resource, whether you’re throwing a term paper together at the last minute, or celebrating marriage equality on an island of 48 people with no gay couples. We explore some of Wikipedia’s oddities in our 4,923,708-week series, Wiki Wormhole.

This week’s entry: List of hairstyles

What it’s about: Hair! Long, beautiful hair. Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen… you get the idea. If you’re reading this in North Korea, you’ll be surprised to learn that people wear their hair in many different styles, and whenever there’s a bunch of things to be listed, you can bet Wikipedia is there.

Strangest fact: Historical Christian hairstyles, besides being one of Guided By Voices’ best albums, actually has a separate Wikipedia page. Early Christians’ hair can be traced by the iconography they left behind, and …

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