Wiki Wormhole: Don’t be taken in by these musical hoaxes

With more than 5.2 million articles, Wikipedia is an invaluable resource, whether you’re throwing a term paper together at the last minute, or confirming your suspicions that The Beatles never existed. We explore some of Wikipedia’s oddities in our 5,339,235-week series, Wiki Wormhole.

This week’s entry: List of musical hoaxes (category)

What it’s about: Brilliant creative minds from throughout history have composed stirring, memorable works of music. But what this Wikipedia article presupposes is, maybe they didn’t? Seemingly as long as there has been music, there have been composers taking credit for music they didn’t write, or even music that didn’t actually exist. Take a (skeptical) listen:

Strangest fact: An entire genre was once created as a hoax. In 2006, Rohan Kriwaczek published An Incomplete History Of The Art Of Funerary Violin, tracing the lost history of an obscure genre …

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