Wiki Wormhole: Commute with Wikipedia to the overcrowded New York City Subway

With more than 4.9 million articles, Wikipedia is an invaluable resource, whether you’re throwing a term paper together at the last minute, or just hitting “refresh” over and over and counting down to 5 million. We explore some of Wikipedia’s oddities in our 4,968,666-week series, Wiki Wormhole.

This week’s entry: New York City Subway

What it’s about: While New York City has many towering landmarks—the Empire State Building, the Statue Of Liberty, the Ghostbusters firehouse—the one most integral to city life is underground. New York’s subway system is among the oldest and most heavily used in the world, and has more miles of track than any other. It has had a starring role in everything from The Warriors to The French Connection to the opening of Welcome Back, Kotter, and it has been faster and cheaper than sitting in traffic …

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