Who In The World Is Cameron Esposito?: A strategy guide for stand-up comedy’s boss level

I’m on a plane to Austin to perform at Cap City Comedy Club, a club generally held to be one of the best in the country. It’s my first time headlining there. The last time I was at Cap City it was 2009 and my then-girlfriend and I were in Austin to visit college friends.

I had just opened for Tig Notaro during her run in my hometown of Chicago, and she happened to headlining at Cap City the weekend I was in Austin. Since it was 2009, I used the most futuristic technology available to me and sent Tig a MySpace message asking if she’d consider allowing me to do a five-minute guest spot during one of her shows. She gave me spots on two.

I brought my girlfriend and my college pals to both shows to watch me do five-minute sets. Both times I struggled …

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