What’s On Tonight: USA versus Japan versus Shark Week

Top pick

Women’s World Cup Finals (Fox, 6 p.m.): What better way to keep your patriotic spirit going (and/or wait out a hangover) than the finals of the Women’s World Cup?! it’s been a hell of a tournament, and the final should be no different. Tune in, cheer loud, and send shitty vibes towards whoever decided letting these badass women play on astroturf was anything other than a laughable idea.

Also noted

Shark Trek / Island of the Mega Shark / Monster Mako / Shark After Dark (Discovery, 8/9/10/11 p.m.): If the U.S. soccer team wasn’t kicking so much ass, the kickoff of Shark Week would undoubtedly be our top pick. Just look at this stunning slate of shark-releated content! And not a single sharknado in sight (…..yet)!

Penny Dreadful (Showtime, 10 p.m.): As quickly as this new season blew into …

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