What’s On Tonight: Kyle Kinane kicks off the weekend with a new standup special

Top Pick

Kyle Kinane: I Liked His Old Stuff Better (Comedy Central, 11:59 p.m., Friday): The A.V. Club gave Kinane’s last standup special, Whiskey Icarus, a big, fat ‘A,’ so we’re all excited to disagree with the title of his new one, premiering right before midnight on Friday. Our own Vikram Murthi will let us know if our confidence is founded, and points to Kinane’s tenure as the voice of Comedy Central as proof of his performing chops. Seriously, no one could be as excited about new episodes of Brickleberry as Kinane always made it sound.

Also Noted

Constantine (NBC, 8 p.m., Friday): John is faced with a race against the clock when all of Brooklyn suddenly falls asleep—possibly while watching Constantine. Brandon Nowalk thinks that’s a pretty funny burn, although he remains steadfast in saying that this supernatural show has …

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