What’s On Tonight: It’s 2020 and Will Forte is the Last Man on Earth

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Last Man On Earth (Fox, 9 p.m.): From the second Fox announced Last Man on Earth, the question has been, “how?” Yes, the trailer was hilarious, and the series is produced by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (the powerhouse pair behind 21 Jump Street, The Lego Movie, and lest we forget, Clone High). But it was still hard to see how an entire series devoted to a barren wasteland of a planet populated solely by Will Forte would actually work beyond those tight three minutes. Tonight, Fox airs two back-to-back episodes to prove why you should add Forte’s comedy to your already stacked television schedule on Sunday nights. Molly Eichel took a look at the first three episodes, which she found intriguing, and weekly coverage will start tonight with none other than Caroline Framke (we hear she’s good people).

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