What’s On Tonight: After three decades of peace, ABC reignites the Battle Of The Network Stars

Here’s what’s up in the world of television for Thursday, June 29. All times are Eastern.

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Battle Of The Network Stars (ABC, 9 p.m.): Between 1976 and 1985—plus a one-off revival in 1988—the three major American broadcast networks regularly sent their talent to compete against one another in pseudo-Olympic tournaments, testing the athletic acumen of Barney Miller, Wonder Woman, Richie Cunningham, and several Charlie’s Angels (and that’s just the ABC team). The field of competitors in today’s Battle Of The Network Stars is decidedly less lustrous, but setting the series up as a weekly summer replacement, rather than a biannual special, was sure to thin the crowd of potential golfers, kayakers, and dunk-tank taunters. But if you’ve always wondered “Who would run an obstacle course faster: Cousin Balki, or Chad from High School Musical?” then tonight’s “TV Sitcoms …

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