What Are You Watching?: What did the Obama presidency mean for movies?

What Are You Watching? is a weekly space for The A.V Club‘s film critics and readers to share their thoughts, observations, and opinions on movies new and old.

Thursday morning, when I woke up with a chest-tightening cough and the realization that I had about two hours to think of something interesting to say about Arrival and Loving for our weekly Facebook Live broadcast, I rummaged around the bathroom for the inhaler that was left over from when I’d had bronchitis, walked my son to his preschool, came back wheezing, and sat down on the living room couch with my laptop and my little semi-seasonal notebooks.

To be honest, I don’t think it was really possible to measure the influence of Barack Obama’s presidency on American film until now. In this nascent new reality, created by the unexpected (but not unforeseeable) election of Donald Trump …

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