What Are You Watching?: Dissenting opinions on Jackie and Krisha

What Are You Watching? is a weekly space for The A.V Club‘s film critics and readers to share their thoughts, observations, and opinions on movies new and old.

My thoughts on Paterson will have to wait until we run A.A. Dowd’s review of the film. So what else have I seen lately? Pablo Larraín’s widely fêted Jackie struck me as over-determined and textual, like a Todd Haynes movie without a sensual side. Say what you will about Haynes’ academic commentaries and significations of repressed desires, but at least they’re always related through his fascination with glamor, mystique, and period forms. It even has a couple of Haynes-esque aesthetic devices; it’s shot on grainy, anachronistic Super 16mm and is partly structured around a studious recreation of the black-and-white 1962 TV special A Tour Of The White House.

Out of curiosity, I ended up watching …

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