What Are You Reading This Month?: What are you reading in June?

In our monthly book club, we discuss whatever we happen to be reading and ask everyone in the comments to do the same. What Are You Reading This Month?

Alex McCown

Novellas are a tough sell. Unless they’re folded into a larger collection, Stephen King-style, they tend to get passed over in the bookstore. After all, they’re not that much cheaper than a regular book, and your list is only getting longer, so why not invest in something that’ll take a little more time, and hopefully offer greater reward? Digital sales have helped this conundrum a bit by lowering costs, but there’s still a mental resistance (for me, anyway) to purchasing a stand-alone middle ground between novel and short story.

I’ve been trying to overcome this prejudice in recent years, and now I’ve got one of the best arguments for delving into the world …

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