What Are You Playing This Weekend?: This weekend, it’s time to answer the Call Of Duty… in space!

Howdy, Gameologinauts, and welcome to our weekly community thread for the discussion of sweet, sweet weekend gaming plans and your recent gaming glories. With Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2‘s surprisingly great story modes out of the way, this weekend it looks like I’ll be continuing my march through the year’s big first-person shooter releases by answering the ole Call Of Duty. Infinite Warfare is actually the first Call Of Duty game I’ve been interested in playing in a long time. Instead of the half steps the series has taken in recent years, this looks like a full-on dive into science fiction. It’s all-out dude-bro warfare in space, with dude-bro robots and dude-bro starship pilots, which sounds pretty good to me. Going into it after the exceptional romp that was Titanfall 2, it has a hard act to follow, but I’m looking forward to staring …

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