What Are You Playing This Weekend?: Persona 5 understands the misery of public transportation

Hello, Gameologinauts, and welcome to our weekly thread for the discussion of weekend gaming plans and recent gaming glories. With Mass Effect: Andromeda comfortably behind me, I’m finally free to start exploring the mound of PlayStation 4 games that I’ve been amassing over the last few months. Nier: Automata is still my ultimate goal, but Persona 5‘s siren call has proven to be too powerful. Besides it being the hot new thing that all the cool kids are talking about, it’s just a better fit for my lifestyle and the way I play games right now. I definitely wish I could be playing it on the Switch, but I dug out my PlayStation Vita to attempt the next best thing: remote play. Persona 5 is the perfect game for that tech, since its narrative-heavy scenes and turn-based battles don’t suffer much when the magical video …

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