What Are You Playing This Weekend?: Do you suffer from open-world anxiety in massive games?

Welcome to our weekly open thread for the discussion of gaming plans, nagging questions, and whatever else we feel like talking about. No matter what the topic, we invite everyone in the comments to tell us: What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Our own Patrick Lee is almost done running around The Witcher 3‘s filthy fantasy world and will be delivering his review in the coming days. Like many of you, I’ve also been dipping my toe into The Witcher 3. I haven’t been able to dig in very far yet, but it’s already giving me a sensation I’ve never felt before: open-world anxiety.

It’s an affliction I’ve heard plenty of people complain about in the past. Games have gotten so big and so packed with stuff to do that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and find yourself doing nothing. That lack …

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