What Are You Playing This Weekend?: A Sega cult classic finds new life with a gorgeous, loving remake

Hello, Gameologerinos, and welcome to our weekly thread for the discussion of weekend gaming plans and recent gaming glories. There’s a lot to be playing these days, but I wanted to take a moment to recognize something that’s a little under the radar. Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch earlier this week. It’s a remake of the 1989 game Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap, which was one of many games in the near-inexplicable brand-love-triangle made up of the Adventure Island, Wonder Boy, and Monster World series. (Seriously, it’s incredibly confusing, and for anyone interested in the history here, I recommend checking out the Retronauts podcast episode dedicated to detangling and dissecting this mess.) It’s a cult classic that was incredibly ambitious for the time, a 2-D platformer where, after every boss fight, your character changes …

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