Watch This: The Addams Family never forgets—except when they do

Every day, Watch This offers staff recommendations inspired by new releases, premieres, or, in this case, an A.V. Club theme week. This week: In honor of Comics Week, we look at comics-to-TV adaptations from beyond the current surplus of superhero shows.

The Addams Family, “Amnesia In The Addams Family” (season one, episode 22; originally aired 2/19/1965)

Well before superheroes became a primetime staple, television had a relationship with the funny papers. During the heyday of the Big Three networks, comics were a source of inspiration as viable as any other printed medium, with Blondie, Dennis The Menace, and Hazel all making the leap to the small screen alongside literary short subjects like Dobie Gillis and Mister Ed. These strips brought with them built-in audiences and standing casts of characters—but in the case of one comics-to-TV adaptation, all it took to sell the project was an evocative …

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