Watch This: Stephen King created a mother-daughter duo so twisted, even the Oscars had to notice

One week a month, Watch This offers movie recommendations inspired by new releases or premieres. This week: With the Academy Awards a few days away, we look back at some of the unlikeliest Oscar nominees, picking a different major category every day.

Carrie (1976)

There’s an argument to be made for Academy bias against all sorts of genre filmmaking, as fans of comic-book movies know all too well. But while horror films have received marginally more respect from Oscars voters than their superhero counterparts over the years—as in, a horror movie that is arguably really more of a crime thriller won Best Picture once—it’s still exceedingly rare for a scary movie to be recognized. And, perhaps because they often focus on female protagonists, Best Actress is one notable area in which horror movies have crept out of the makeup ghetto and into the big awards. Kathy …

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