Watch This: On Taxi, one brownie made Reverend Jim’s tragic origin our comedy

One week a month, Watch This offers television recommendations inspired by the week’s new releases or premieres. This week: In honor of The A.V. Club‘s Comics Week, television episodes about our favorite origin stories.

Taxi, “The Road Not Taken (Pts. 1 and 2)” (season four, episodes 23 and 24; originally aired 4/29/1982 and 5/6/1982)

One of the most potent elements of Taxi is our shared knowledge that not one of the beleaguered but perpetually hopeful denizens of the Sunshine Cab Company will ever really escape. Everyone there has dreams—of success in the boxing ring or the Broadway stage, or just of finding love or some measure of personal fulfillment. But the series resolutely sticks to its guns in portraying a grubby, working-class milieu where the day-to-day grind keeps pushing long-term plans further and further away.

Season four’s two-part finale “The Road …

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