Watch This: In its final season, Lost proved it still knew great storytelling

One week a month, Watch This offers television recommendations inspired by the week’s new releases or premieres. This week: In honor of The A.V. Club‘s Comics Week, television episodes about our favorite origin stories.

Lost, “Ab Aeterno” (season six, episode nine; originally aired 3/23/2010)

It’s all too easy for a storytelling contrivance to become a crutch. Lost discovered this during season three, when its unique formula of narrative infused with individual characters’ histories told in flashback started to become a burden rather than a boon. (It’s no coincidence this lapse in quality occurred during the showrunners’ negotiations with ABC over how long the series would run, meaning the story was stuck in a kind of creative limbo at the time, symbolically represented by a chunk of its cast literally spending the first part of the season trapped in cages.) By the season finale …

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