Watch This: Francis Ford Coppola celebrates a man, his dream, and American idealism

Every day, Watch This offers staff recommendations inspired by the week’s new releases or premieres. This week: America celebrates its independence (and court victories), so let’s celebrate some excellent patriotic movies—or at least the ones that make us feel proud of our country.

Tucker: The Man And His Dream (1988)

The Hollywood system couldn’t contain Francis Ford Coppola. In Tucker: The Man And His Dream, his dashing biopic about the forward-thinking automotive designer Preston Thomas Tucker, Coppola locates a figure and a subject—the strained relationship between a gigantic industry and one extraordinary individual—that dovetails with his own personal struggle working within the confines of the Hollywood establishment. (This struggle often links Coppola with Orson Welles, and there is indeed a lot of Citizen Kane in Tucker.) Pacing-wise, Tucker amounts to one long sprint—a breathless array of wipes, clever cuts, low angles, and energetic …

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