Watch This: David Silverman brought some Simpsons edge to a DreamWorks animated feature

Every day, Watch This offers staff recommendations inspired by a new movie coming out that week. This week: Because it’s Simpsons Week at The A.V. Club, we’re recommending films featuring key contributors to the series, from actors to writers to a certain famed composer.

The Road To El Dorado (2000)

Hidden adult content in Disney classics is a nice Easter egg for adults, but DreamWorks’ underappreciated story of two layabouts conniving their way into deity status offered mature themes both overt and subdued. Miguel and Tulio, voiced with respective aplomb by Kenneth Branagh and Kevin Kline, are first seen swindling their way through Spain with a combination of smooth talk, performance art, and cheating. But after their loaded dice betray them, the duo escapes with nothing but a map to the fabled, titular city by hiding in two barrels, which are promptly loaded onto a ship. A …

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