Watch This: Crashing cars and causing trouble with an anti-social misfit

Every day, Watch This offers staff recommendations inspired by a new movie coming out that week. This month: The A.V. Club atones for its sins of omission, recommending the best movies of the year that we didn’t review.

Young Bodies Heal Quickly (2014)

The protagonist of Young Bodies Heal Quickly, a tight-lipped and blistering first feature by writer-director Andrew T. Betzer, first appears jumping a barbed-wire fence, the wrestler’s helmet on his head suggesting he’s busted out of some institutional rubber-room. Things escalate quickly from here: It’s not five minutes into Young Bodies before some BB-gun fire leads to a wrestling match, which in turn leads to the accidental death of an ATV joyrider, and a mother (Sandra L. Hale) is packing off her two sons, the young adult (Gabriel Croft) and his 10-year-old brother (Hale Lytle), on a road-trip getaway down the Maryland coast …

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