Watch This: Ashley Judd and Luke Perry are Bonnie and Clyde, suburban-Chicago-style

Every day, Watch This offers staff recommendations inspired by a new movie coming out that week. This week: It’s the final week of the year, so we’re dispensing with themes and just recommending some movies we love.

Normal Life (1996)

John McNaughton‘s Normal Life tells the story of a foregone conclusion. The movie begins at the end, with the mustached man in the camouflage-colored clothes (Luke Perry) getting mauled by FBI agents while the girl wearing a dark wig and red lipstick (Ashley Judd) tries to outrun police sedans in a fat, blue Dodge Ram. These two will fall in love (they share a kiss before the authorities intervene) and enter into a life of crime (their confident demeanor implies a well-worn routine), but—as the handcuffs around his wrists and the Dodge-Ram-directed gunfire echoing through the cop-car radio can attest—they will not make it. The …

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