Watch This: A creepy-crawly counterpart to Jaws

Every day, Watch This offers staff recommendations inspired by the week’s new releases or premieres. This week: The spirits are back in a remake of Poltergeist, the 1982 horror classic produced (and some say ghost-directed) by Steven Spielberg. And so we’re recommending some of our favorite “Spielberg imitations,” some involving the blockbuster maestro himself.

Arachnophobia (1990)

Of all the official and unofficial disciples Steven Spielberg has inspired over the years, Frank Marshall was arguably the most qualified to mimic the master’s moves. After all, he cofounded Amblin, the studio that released many of Spielberg’s most iconic pictures, and served as executive producer on several of those movies, including the Indiana Jones series. And yet Marshall’s career as a director never quite took off, despite the fact that his first film, the creepy-crawly crowdpleaser Arachnophobia, suggested a talent for the kind of bright, brisk genre entertainment …

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