Under The Influence: Vagabon’s Laetitia Tamko on agency and pursuing art while caring for others

In Under The Influence, The A.V. Club asks a musician to pair three of their songs with a non-musical influence.

In a recent Pitchfork profile, Laetitia Tamko was hailed as “an indie rock game changer.” It’s a big claim, but listening to Infinite Worlds, out February 24 on Father/Daughter Records, it’s easy to see it’s warranted. Tamko doesn’t take a traditional approach to music, having picked it up in high school only to abandon it in pursuit of an engineering degree. Tamko was raised in Cameroon, then moved to Harlem and Yonkers, New York, and had little exposure to music that wasn’t wildly popular until she fell in with the likes of Frankie Cosmos and Told Slant. At the behest of her friends, Tamko began recording and releasing her music, remaining singular in her approach throughout. The A.V. Club spoke to Tamko …

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