TV Review: With Bob And David is a second act worthy of a great sketch show

It’s getting more difficult to reserve skepticism about beloved properties springing back to life on Netflix. The fourth season of Arrested Development cast a long shadow of doubt for some, and everywhere you look, there’s the specter of the forthcoming Fuller House. But Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp extended (and in some ways elevated) the legacy of Camp Firewood, and the streaming service’s newest effort in the field of follow-ups, reunions, and pseudo-sequels, With Bob And David, should similarly delight fans of Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, and their previous sketch series, Mr. Show With Bob And David. Perhaps the key here is making an early joke about the stars’ advancing age—as First Day Of Camp did with its carbon-copy cold open, and With Bob And David does when Odenkirk and Cross emerge from their very own Time Caplet—before moving on to stronger …

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