TV Review: Veep keeps its profane edge even after scattering its forces

Showing the same shifting nature as its onscreen chief executive, Veep has undergone a series of reinventions over the last couple of years. In 2015, David Mandel replaced creator Armando Iannucci as showrunner, but set minds at ease when he proved more than adept at handling the show’s dark humor and mounting absurdity. There were similar changes going on in front of the camera, with Selina Meyer (the incomparable Julia Louis-Dreyfus) moving from the Observatory Circle to the Oval Office. The title of Veep now only applied to the show, as President Meyer began her first (and only) term in office. It was a gamble that paid dividends, as Selina proved no better suited to the highest office in the land as the second highest, and her staff even less so. Her vanity grew to fit their new, larger digs at a rate that was inversely proportional to her …

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