TV Review: Thirteen tries for psychological terror, ends up with tedium

On the surface, Thirteen sounds like a winner, combining the intriguing premise of the recently canceled The Family (abducted child returns years later) with the BBC prestige of Broadchurch (artful shots in moody blues and greens). But instead, Thirteen only highlights how both of those shows surpass this one: yes, even The Family, which was admittedly a bit of a train wreck, but at least it was a suspenseful one.

In this five-episode miniseries, Ivy Moxam (Jodie Comer) is the Thirteen of the title; that’s the age she was when she was taken, and how many years she’s been away. Granted, someone who had been kept in a cellar for over a decade would be irrevocably damaged. But Ivy’s main character traits are “flighty” and “disconnected,” not to mention “disheveled” and “rundown”: Her hairstyle and wardrobe bring to mind what would happen if someone decided to give …

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