TV Review: The parts of Jon Glaser Loves Gear shouldn’t fit together, but they do

Jon Glaser’s go-to character is a loud, arrogant know-it-all, but one whose nasty sense of humor makes him fun as hell to watch. He may have perfected it as Councilman Jamm on Parks And Recreation, but that character’s limited screen time didn’t give Glaser time enough to explore every ugly, hilarious nuance. (For a more in-depth examination of this character type, see Glaser’s Adult Swim series Delocated.) If Jamm fans spend enough time with the new Jon Glaser Loves Gear—and more importantly if they can get their heads around what exactly it is—they could find something to love. But that’s kind of a big “if” considering Gear mashes up genres and tones with such unusual flair in its first two episodes.

The title (and some of the advertising) make Jon Glaser Loves Gear out to be a reality show about buying stuff, and …

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