TV Review: The Leftovers offers a satisfying end for a world robbed of one

“I want fucking closure,” Carrie Coon’s Nora Durst declares during one of the final eight episodes of The Leftovers, a statement that speaks not only to her years-long quest to move past the sudden, still-unexplained disappearance of her family in the Departure, but to our collective human need for satisfying endings—from our lives and, more self-referentially, from the TV shows that briefly distract us from them. Across two seasons now, we’ve watched Nora and the other characters of HBO’s thoughtful, enigmatic, emotionally draining drama grasping for the kind of conclusion that might allow them to move on, to give meaning to their being left behind by the Rapture-like purge that took their friends, loved ones, and Gary Busey without any explanation or discernible logic. It’s a quest that’s only grown more pressing in the show’s third season, where (thanks to a minor time-jump …

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