TV Review: The Crown offers an intimate look at a famously private family

With The Crown, Netflix takes a surprising leap into an anglophile world perfect for those who are counting down the days until Sherlocks 2017 return, who kept watching Downton Abbey even after it started indiscriminately offing people, or who have seen every single incarnation of Doctor Who. But The Crown takes a more somber, historical bent than any of these, offering a fascinating look at life inside postwar Buckingham Palace.

Fortunately, we see this life through the eyes of young Elizabeth (Claire Foy), who’s more concerned with life as a besotted newlywed, married to dishy Philip (Doctor Who‘s Matt Smith), than matters involving national affairs. Her father, the beloved George VI (the beloved Jared Harris), appears to be handling the postwar world amicably, except for the fact that he’s spitting up blood. As his time draws near, he sneakily tries to give his heir some guidance …

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