TV Review: Stan Against Evil and People Of Earth seek life in the great beyond (and in gimmicks)

In the second episode of Stan Against Evil—IFC’s new horror-comedy starring John C. McGinley as the former sheriff of a cursed New England town—the titular character plops down in his Barcalounger to tell modern-day TV to get off his lawn. Dismissing an Ice Road Truckers knockoff, Stan scoffs, “That’s not a show. I Dream Of Jeannie was a show. Guy finds a genie and everybody goes apeshit.”

Given the particularly Homer Simpson-esque tone of this rerun reverie, it comes as no surprise that Stan Against Evil is the creation of one-time Simpsons showrunner Dana Gould. But it might surprise Stan to learn that I Dream Of Jeannie, Gilligan’s Island, and My Favorite Martian have a brood of high-concept heirs spread across the current programming landscape. On Halloween night alone, IFC is airing a special preview of Stan Against Evil (which moves to its regular time …

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