TV Review: Spectacular visuals elevate the generic Voltron: Legendary Defender

There’s no stopping the Netflix revival machine. The company continues to reach into the past for programming with Voltron: Legendary Defender, a reimagining of the ’80s cartoon about five boys fighting the forces of evil in lion-shaped war machines. The original American Voltron: Defender Of The Universe was a heavily edited and sanitized adaptation of multiple unrelated Japanese series, but the Netflix show is a brand-new project spearheaded by Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery, veterans of shows like The Legend Of Korra, Young Justice, and Justice League Unlimited. That’s a strong pedigree, and while Voltron: Legendary Defender definitely meets the high standards of those projects on a visual level, it leaves much to be desired with regard to story.

The general concept of Voltron isn’t especially challenging: Five space explorers from Earth find themselves on an alien planet where they become pilots of lion robots that …

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