TV Review: Snowfall isn’t quite Christmas in July, but it is a gift

TV doesn’t really get summers off anymore, thanks in part to streaming platforms. The hottest months of the year are no longer just a repository for reruns, or a dumping ground for shows that couldn’t hold their own during the fall. GLOW and Preacher are the most recent cases in point, having held audiences in their grips for a weekend binge-watch as well as on a weekly basis. The season is still far from being chock-full of must-see offerings, though, which means conditions are optimal for the arrival of Snowfall, the latest crime drama to hit FX.

Debuting Wednesday night, the series aims to trace the origins of the first crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles. That’s a tall order, and Snowfall gamely tries to live up to the challenge, with mixed results. Its focus is both granular and sweeping, delving into the private lives of those …

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