TV Review: Search Party offers a captivating Nancy Drew mystery for millennials

Post-college existential ennui seems like an unlikely theme for a TV show. But Search Party does an excellent job of nailing that particular time in a person’s life, by using a Nancy Drew-esque mystery as an allegory. This unusual, Michael Showalter-fueled show tracks Dory (Arrested Development‘s Alia Shawkat, no stranger to unusual shows), who we meet as she’s floundering after graduation. Her fellow twentysomethings have found various footholds: Elliott (John Early) is some sort of artist-philanthropist hyphenate. Self-centered Portia (Meredith Hagner) has landed an ingenue role on a crime show. Even Dory’s well-meaning but ineffectual boyfriend, Drew (John Reynolds), is a corporate lackey, where his aggressive boss is played by no less than Showalter himself. Dory, however, has an unfulfilling gig as an assistant to a rich and chronically lonely woman (Christine Taylor), and pines for Julian, her charismatic ex (Brandon Micheal Hall).

So our lead …

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