TV Review: Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens is like a rocky, horror-filled Glee

Ryan Murphy announced Fox’s Scream Queens in a manner befitting his brand: He declared the camptastic anthology series the genesis of a heretofore unseen genre called “comedy horror.” Ornery internet haters—also known as reasonable people with a cursory knowledge of horror—cried foul and lambasted Murphy in the name of comedy horror trailblazers such as Sam Raimi and Joe Dante. In Murphy’s semi-defense, his claim wasn’t born out of ignorance or grandiosity, it was further proof of his eerily proficient showmanship.

Murphy is an unparalleled salesman, and smart money says he’s fully aware that he’s not the first storyteller to marry laughter and fright, but he doesn’t much care. Murphy has a knack for artfully trolling the media and galvanizing the sizable fan base he’s accumulated over his years working on Nip/Tuck, Glee, and American Horror Story. For his steadfast super …

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