TV Review: Rob Lowe bests John Stamos in Fox’s battle of the network sitcom smarm

Last May, Fox blew up its Tuesday-night comedy block, which had been pared down from a full night of sitcoms in 2012 to the two lone survivors of that non-starting lineup: New Girl and The Mindy Project. (R.I.P. Ben And Kate and Raising Hope.) Holding New Girl until 2016 and letting Mindy go to Hulu, the network has built atop the ruins a monument to comedic smarm: One full hour of Rob Lowe and John Stamos charming all but a chosen few who cross their paths. In The Grinder and Grandfathered, the network essentially ordered two more-or-less promising treatments of the same concept: Upon hitting a new milestone (the end of a TV show for The Grinder, grandfatherhood for Grandfathered), a middle-aged dude who’s largely coasted through life on charm and good looks (Lowe for The Grinder, Stamos for Grandfathered) forges a new path with the help …

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