TV Review: Quantico’s main challenge: How to get away with bullshit

This fall’s class of new drama recruits is laden with bullshit. Blindspot isn’t merely a Bourne Identity-esque amnesiac mystery—its Jane Doe also has an almanac of future crimes tattooed across her body. Limitless isn’t just an adaptation of a half-remembered Bradley Cooper vehicle—it’s a sideways sequel in which the film’s mind-expanding drug becomes a law-enforcement aid. The Player isn’t your grandaddy’s thriller about a security expert foiling crimes in Las Vegas—it’s some crazy, high-stakes Trading Places nonsense where the ultra-rich wager on whether or not that security expert can prevent Sin City from sinning.

ABC’s soapy espionage tale Quantico isn’t immune to this trend: Joshua Safran’s pilot script unfurls like a firework snake, stacking flashbacks on flashbacks and twisting the plot until the very last scene. The difference between Quantico and other new dramas is …

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