TV Review: Prison Break rises from the dead, takes off running

The story goes that Fox originally didn’t want to green-light Prison Break because—paraphrasing here—what the hell do you do after the escape? It was, most would agree, diminishing returns after the dramatic season-one finish, in which brothers Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows breathlessly (and finally!) escaped confinement. Subsequent seasons got sillier, with the guys on the run, then eventually, A-Team-like, working for The Man as secret agents, or something like that. Michael Rapaport was involved for what was supposed to be the final season, and he jumped into a dumb plot, dumber twists (the brothers’ long-lost mother was alive and working for the bad guys?), and a scrambled ending that aired as a standalone movie. (Sort of. It’s ridiculously convoluted.)

But one thing was for sure: Michael Scofield, the main character played by Wentworth Miller, was dead. Okay, so he died offscreen, dramatically using himself …

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