TV Review: Pierce Brosnan tries to tame an already too-tame West in AMC’s The Son

The Western genre has always been a war between the entertainingly reprehensible and the dully civilized. In fiction at least, settling the Old West is a task for hard, ruthless folk whose six-gun frontier justice has no place in the safer, softer world they scour the land to bring about. That’s the central conflict facing the McCullough clan at the heart of AMC’s The Son, a disappointingly ordinary multigenerational saga that wears its prosaic philosophical conundrum like a dusty, but store-bought, set of cowboy duds.

The Son‘s structure is essentially a mashup of There Will Be Blood and Dances With Wolves, with the series’ narrative sophistication favoring the latter. In 1915, Eli McCullough (Pierce Brosnan, sporting some magnificent salt-and-pepper whiskers and a soft, croaky drawl that serves for his Texas accent) is a respected and feared cattle baron, looking to transform his waning fortunes by becoming an …

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