TV Review: No Tomorrow foresees an adorable apocalypse

Evie Covington (Tori Anderson), the heroine of The CW’s No Tomorrow, should have immediately been wary of the hot hipster flirting with her at the farmers market: Never fall for a man with a penchant for beaded necklaces and beanies. But Xavier Holliday (Joshua Sasse) is far from just the pretentious douche his outfit implies. He’s convinced himself the world is going to end in a mere eight months. Run, Evie, run. Only, yeah, he’s still pretty darn attractive.

No Tomorrow is the latest series added to The CW’s growing lineup of quirky hour-long comedies, and it follows the formula of Jane The Virgin, translating a South American show—this time Brazil’s How To Enjoy The End Of The World—for a U.S. audience. That it seems to be trying to imitate the sunny tone of Jane might also to do withe fact that …

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