TV Review: New Adventures In Babysitting and Center Stage pit innovation against stagnation

The summer programming slate has offered some heavy dramatic fare so far, which means it’s time for something lighter. Lifetime and the Disney Channel share a parent company—Lifetime is a subsidiary of A+E Networks, which is owned in part by The Walt Disney Company—which lends a sense of corporate synergy to their movie offerings this weekend. In honor of its 100th original movie, the Disney channel is rolling out the new blues of an Adventures In Babysitting one day before the similarly youth-centric Center Stage: On Pointe twirls onto Lifetime.

But this cinematic pair has a lot more in common than a corporate banner (though it feels like they could’ve been pitched at the same meeting). They were also seemingly born of the dread sequel-and-remake machine that keeps churning out extraneous entries and needless retellings. The reworked Adventures In Babysitting, which comes almost 30 years …

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