TV Review: Netflix’s docuseries on hostage-taking works too hard to capture your attention

The popularization of the “re-enactment” technique of so many non-fiction films and docuseries can in large part be traced to Errol Morris, director of The Thin Blue Line and The Fog Of War, who looms over the genre like a titan. His influence on subsequent filmmakers can be felt in everything from Oscar winners like Taxi To The Dark Side to countless Investigation Discovery series. In those latter cable shows, the meditative and restrained use of recreating scenes in question usually gets replaced by a cheap and exploitative technique wherein actors replay lurid sequences of violence and sudsy emotional fireworks for maximum button-pushing impact. Somewhere in between the two applications lies Captive, a new Netflix series that can’t resist juicing up its already-compelling subject matter with the Morris-derived technique, unintentionally lessening its impact instead of bolstering it.

The format is episodic and straightforward: Each installment deals with a different …

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