TV Review: Netflix’s dark, family melodrama Bloodline demands to be binge-watched

Bloodline, Netflix’s noir family drama, is all wet. Not in the idiomatic sense—it’s quite engrossing and addictive—but in Bloodline, which unearths the gothic secrets of an esteemed Florida family, there is literally water, water everywhere. The upstanding Rayburns are the proprietors of a picturesque, Florida Keys inn overlooking the ocean, where on mild days, there’s a damp breeze and a postcard panorama in every direction. Unfortunately, these are not mild days for the Rayburns. Monsoon season intensifies just as eldest brother Danny (Ben Mendelsohn) makes his dreaded return to the family fold, as if a cumulonimbus is walking him on a long leash. For the Rayburns, the torrents portend anguish and despair. But for Netflix subscribers, a massive rainstorm would be a blessing, a cosmic permission slip to hunker down for a weekend and do nothing but watch Bloodline.

Kyle Chandler stars as John Rayburn …

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