TV Review: Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter transforms from horror parody to monstrously good comedy

The energetically loopy Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter gives creator and star Jon Glaser another outlet to ply his signature comedic obnoxiousness. While Glaser can play more than grating, buffoonish assholes—his hyper-sensitive former addict neighbor Laird on Girls is actually sort of sweet—his wheelhouse is the sort of braggadocios-yet-pathetic blowhard exemplified by Jeremy Jamm, the city council nuisance Glaser portrayed on Parks And Recreation. Playing up his offbeat looks—that toothy mouth always tipping between contemptuous sneer and abashed grimace; that wild poof of unruly hair radiating out like wiry stink lines—Glaser gleefully makes himself the one guy at the party you pray isn’t going to hit on you by showing off his karate moves.

As Neon Joe, freelance werewolf hunter come to save the comically quaint town of Garrity, Vermont (a.k.a. “the B&B capital of America”), Glaser modifies his usual runty boastfulness with a …

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