TV Review: NBC’s new crime drama has a Blindspot for character development

Blindspot is the kind of show that desperately wants to deliver an intriguing mystery, but doesn’t trust the audience to remain in a state of uncertainty. NBC’s new identity-thriller/FBI-procedural tries hard to create some compelling characters in its first episode, but by the end, it feels as though the show is struggling to find its identity just as surely as its central character.

The series revolves around Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander, doggedly trying not to let a character bereft of personality defeat her), a woman found inside a duffel bag in Times Square, the words “CALL THE FBI” emblazoned on its side. As explained through some awkward expository dialogue, she’s been administered a blisteringly high dosage of a drug that causes memory loss, meaning her pre-Time Square life is potentially gone forever, leaving her in a state of permanent amnesia. Instead, the character’s mysterious backstory …

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